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This is where txnhog is headed, the features & value soon to be added.

Recently Completed

HTML Email Templates

Bring a full featured HTML email builder to txnhog

Zapier App

Add a native Zapier app along so that Zapier Premium isn't required for webhooks.


Add AmazonSES as an alternative email sender along side current Mailgun.

Per-Message Logging

Add a per template log in addition to the full transaction log view.

Valuable Feature Additions

Template Library

Create a library of prewritten message templates for users to get a jump start.

Cart Abandonment

Implement the ability to send Cart Abandonment email & SMS messages.

AB Testing

Enable A/B testing on both emails and SMS messages.

POST Capture

Adding a POST capture feature will allow easier integration for code-level users.

Media Mixing

Enable video for email messages, and jpg & gifs for SMS.


SMTP Support

Add support for sending emails over SMTP in addition to Mailgun & AmazonSES.

WordPress Plugin

Develop a WordPress plugin to replace WordPress system messages with txnhog calls.


Build a native Integrately app for txnhog.


Make txnhog as no-code friendly as possible and integrate with


Develop front-end support to make txnhog friendly towards hugo, jekyll, etc.

Node Module

Develop a node module for NPM to simplify useage for node developers.

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