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The world’s easiest way to send & manage transactional emails.

Transactional messaging is bland, uninteresting, and a pain in the ass to update. But it doesn’t have to be. Enjoy better sending with txnhog.

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How does it work,
what does it do?

txnhog replaces all the messages your system would normally send, and moves them into an easy to edit and manage system. Now you can edit, manage, and track your transactional messages any time.

Transactional Email Templates

1 Create your message template.

From the txnhog dashboard, create a new sms or email template, for example “Did you forget something?”. You can include just about any kind of content, and you can even define your own variables, such as {{name}}, {{product}}, etc. The sky’s the limit. Ish.

Transactional SMS Dashboard

2Send some data to txnhog.

When a user/customer/etc does something that should result in them recieving a message, tell txnhog. You can POST raw data or use a plugin. Whatever data you send us will be used to populate the template variables, and then we’ll send the message.

Transactional Email Tools

3Stay informed & get results.

Every message that you process is stored for you to review and check up on. Knowledge == power. Did that Password Reset go out correctly? Was that reminder customized? Now you’ll know, and can act accordingly.

Transactional Email Example
Transform your customer interactions,
with better
transactional messages.

txnhog replaces all the messages your system would normally send,
and moves them into an easy to edit and manage system.


Let's talk $.

That’s what it boils down to, right? Will txnhog save you enough time to justify the $29/month? We think so.

Our plan is simple; Unlimited everything with 60 days of logs, and you'll pay Mailgun, Amazon, or Twilio for usage just like you do now, no change.

$29 can save you time, improve your messaging, and help you send SMS. Not bad, right?

  • Unlimited Message Templates
  • Send Unlimited Transactional Emails
  • Send Unlimited Transactional SMS
  • 60 Day Messaging Log
  • Bring Your Own Mailgun or AmazonSES Account
  • Bring Your Own Twilio Account
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