txnhog makes transactional messaging better.
It's easier to use, faster to build with, and more flexible than any other tool.

About The Maker

Hey! My name is Topher, I'm the developer behind txnhog.

Born and bred on the east coast, I moved out west as a teenager & met my wife in Idaho. Together we're raising a brood of slightly above average kids 😉.

We spend most of our time in Idaho & Bulgaria. Со̀фија has become our second home, and when we're away we miss it.

I’ve been building sites, apps, tools and services for well over 15 years. txnhog is part of my small portfolio of SaaS(ish) apps, the others being Drrrip & rktat.


SaaS should do less.

One of the core priciples of everything I build is that it should do less. Less doesn't mean incomplete, rather that a SaaS should do everything necessary to provide the maximum benefit to the user with the least amount of effort from that user.

Txnhog has a simple dash, straightforward integrations, and does one thing exceptionally well - transactional messaging. When a feature comes up for addition it's evaluated closely;

  • will it enhance the user's transactional messaging?
  • will it improve the user's experience?
  • will it simplify usage of the product?

If the answer to two of the above is yes it goes on deck. If not I move on to the next idea.

Future stable

txnhog is fully bootstrapped. There are no investors, no stake holders. There is no one to take away from this business or distract from it's goals. And profitablity only requires 25 paying users. I answer only to myself and my users.


That's cool, questions are good, and emailing questions is even better.

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